This is the largest piece of mail you can receive in your mailbox – without being folded. The mailman will typically round the piece, put the homeowners mail inside the round and insert into the mailbox.


When you receive your mail – this piece comes out with it – solo – by itself, nothing to open, its in your hands & in your face – I don't care what anyone says…you have to look at it – even if you want to throw the piece in the trash – it won't fit in the trash can!


Here are the specs: The piece is 12" x15" printed on (C2S) coated double sided stock - .10 thick (heavy hi-gloss, enamel coated board stock). Full color – front and back, names, addresses & indicia (stamp) directly ink jetted on the piece.

Delivered by the U.S. Postal Service: Solo saturation mail – give us a zip code – every household gets one – no P.O. boxes / no businesses. Mail piece rides on it own. Homeowners name is on every piece – in fact, the homeowners name can be placed in 3 different areas of the layout on one side…that's STRONG!


We design the piece or use your design – print the piece – freight the piece to all direct postal outlets - and have the piece delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. Postal receipts always furnished for your guarantee of mail delivery. Choose your customers zip code by: Income, home value, age or children in home.


Call us when you receive this – lets talk!

Monster Mail